About Brownsville Business Law Services

If you’re looking for a Brownsville business attorney, look no further! Our law offices serve Cameron County, Texas businesses with a full range of business law services including:

Brownsville Business AttorneyWhen forming a business in Brownsville, your business attorney will advise and guide you every step of the way. It all begins with the crucial question of “What type of entity is right for my business?” That question isn’t always easy to answer. A business lawyer works with you to explore the different business structures available to you under current law and explains the pros and cons of each type. Issues such as personal liability and tax planning are also considered along with the nuances of your business such as its expected size, products and services, and profitability.

Once you determine the appropriate legal structure for your business, the task of establishing corporate bylaws, filling out legal paperwork, and creating policies is necessary to provide a solid legal foundation for your organization. Even establishing a business name or a DBA can be tricky and fraught with legal concerns.

Finally, you will be in business! Your Brownsville attorney will then be available for any legal issue you may face as you operate your business in Texas.

Employment law is another area where you may need legal assistance. Interviewing, hiring, discrimination, wages and benefits, harassment, workplace safety, and termination each have legal guidelines that you must follow as well as consequences.

Your Brownsville business attorney can also help you with any contract issue from drafting and negotiating a contract to helping you with breach of contract disputes, complying with terms of an existing contract, terminating a contract, and other issues. Even if you do not have a written contract, if an informal agreement was made, you may have a case.

Few businesses are untouched by lawsuits and contract disputes. Keep our phone number handy should you need legal representation in Brownsville involving contact law. A business attorney can help you avoid disputes, negotiate contracts, terminate contracts, and settle disputes while also ensuring that your legal rights are represented.

Other services include legal help with intellectual property, trademark, copyright, and patents. These areas of law are complex and shouldn’t be attempted without a knowledgeable business attorney’s expertise.

Whether you are just starting a business or currently established in south Texas, you will need a business attorney at one point or another. Not only are we ready to serve, we want to create a long term relationship so that you can rest assured that whatever happens, you have a responsible, knowledgeable, legal representative to count on.