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Businesses are not immune from legal issues – far from it. Brownsville businesses need a business attorney at all stages of the company’s life cycle from forming the business, negotiating contracts, protecting intellectual property, debt collection, paying taxes, and dealing with lawsuits to ensuring legal compliance in areas such as hiring, workplace safety, discrimination and harassment, and employment taxes.

Here at the local Brownsville business attorney law offices, we understand the complexities of business law. Our sole attorney grew up right here in Brownsville, Texas before heading off to law school and becoming a business professional himself. He attended law school at the University of Texas at Austin School of Law and has since dedicated himself to becoming an attorney serving Brownsville businesses. Brownsville Business Attorney

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Whether your business is in Brownsville or a surrounding community, a relationship with a Brownsville business attorney is a relationship that begins with a phone call. Give us a call if your business is in:

We promise prompt, personal attention for all of your business legal needs.